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The Start of our Blog!

flora poetica dynamic rootsThus the name of the Dynamic Roots blog is born!  Flora Poetica, a wonderful little book with poems on plants, the turn of the seasons and more.  Beautiful inspiration. 

Upon this Primrose hill,
Where, if Heav'n would distill
A shoure of raine, each severall drop might goe...
-John Donne

Lovely words.  Today is the last day of July and a blue moon (the second full moon in a calendar month) so feel free to use the phrase "once in a blue moon" if something particularly rare or wonderful happens today!
Today, I will be spending time harvesting the flowers of many of our herbal allies.  Any full moon is a magical time to be harvesting the above-ground portions of plants, but to harvest during this moon only happens "once in a blue moon"!  Happy harvesting.


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