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Spring 2016 Herbal Share Info

Spring is just around the corner (at least in our minds)! 

Here, at Dynamic Roots, we are dreaming of the beautiful flowers that will greet us when the snow begins to melt.   While still quite cold here in Colorado, we found ourselves dreaming of the woods.  This lead us to a little trip outside to find the herbs that would be used in our spring cream. Open your spring share box to see which herbs found there way into our lives this season!

Spring Shares Shipped on March 1st, 2016

Spring Share Product Info

Allergy Ease Herbal Tea
Nettle leaf for seasonal allergy & Echinacea for immune support, this blend will help you move through the allergy season with ease!

Deep Heat Muscle Balm

A warming salve to help relieve muscle and joint pain.
Cayenne, arnica, menthol along with other herbal allies to help ease pain.

Evergreen Body Cream
Our rich body cream gets a spring lift with wild-harvested Pine and Juniper berries.
We are sure you will enjoy the grounding scent and deep moisture of this cream.
Sore Muscle Oil
This non-heating muscle oil is great for all manner of muscle and joint trauma, rhematism and
even for kids and their growing pains! Arnica, comfrey and St. Johns Wort infused into hemp oil.
Mountain Cleanse
A rooty blend that helps support your body during seasonal detoxification needs or
even as a gentle everyday bitter before meals.
Minty Spring Lip Balm
Mint Leaves & Lavender Flowers blend with nourishing cocoa butter to create a delicious treat for your lips!

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