Dawne Vrabel and Stephanie Syson co-founded Dynamic Roots in 2013 from the town of Carbondale, Colorado. They came together over their love of herbs and herbal healing.  Kate Miller joined the team in 2015.  Kate immediately connected with the mission and vision that Dawne and Stephanie had created with Dynamic Roots; a shared love and passion for holistic health, the beautiful medicinals of the Colorado Rocky Mountain bio-region, and a deep commitment to personally handling each product, from its roots in the garden to its extraction in the apothecary. It's always a joyful and inspiring time when the trio gets together.  They offer a well rounded look into the complete cycle of life from seed to skin and how the use of herbs can encourage vitality and strength within us all!  Dynamic Roots creates synergistic herbal products with local, organic and Biodynamically grown herbs.  

We feel that the quality of medicinal products is directly related to the quality of the herbs being used.  We are dedicated to taking our products from seed to skin.  We invite your family to feel the difference. We never use artificial ingredients, EVER. We call our products "Skin Food" for a reason. Please understand that your skin "eats" everything you slather on it... so be sure your products do not contain anything you would not eat or cannot understand exactly what the ingredient is! 

Dawne Vrabel, HHP (AADP) (COO) has been in the herbal industry since 2003 including clinical consultation, growing, teaching, formulation and product development as a Certified Herbalist.  Before Dynamic Roots, she brought dozens of herbal products to market through her Integrative Nutrition practice; specializing in Pediatric, Digestive and Women’s Health.  Dawne holds a BS degree from Colorado State University in Developmental and Genetic Biology and has a history steeped in lab, genetics, nutrition with a solid foundation of biological knowledge.  Professional Certifications include:  Western Herbalism, cGMP & ServSafe, Integrative Nutrition, Permaculture Design, Reiki Master Teacher, Functional Medicine, Women’s Health, and Metabolic Diseases.

Dawne has worked passionately in food security and community development.  Dawne co-founded the Roaring Fork Food Policy Council and chaired Parent Council for the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork where her 2 sons attend.  Her recent interests include laying the foundation for an organization to support access to herbal medicine and Medicinal Security.

Stephanie Syson -  
Stephanie's hands and heart are in the dirt, cultivating and experiencing the botanicals that create vitality and wellness.  She is the lead grower of our herbs through her Demeter Certified company
Biodynamic Botanicals, where she and her partners are setting the standard for high quality, biodynamically grown medicinals.  Stephanie has been researching and practicing various forms of sustainable farming across the United States and Latin America since 2002 and has been working in the herbal product industry since 2006.  She is active in her community with a passion for assisting government in the organic management of public lands as well as helping to re-educate the public as to the ecological and health benefits of so called "weeds".

She is a Certified Permaculture Designer, an educator in the fields of Greenhouse Management, Permaculture, Seed Saving and Herbalism.  Stephanie lectures across the United States to groups of all ages on topics such as Food & Medicine in the Commons, Seed Saving Libraries and Culinary and Medicinal Herb Growing. She is committed to community service through education and demonstration of herbal self-care and sustainable farming practices through her monthly radio show Living Permaculture Show on public radio KDNK, her public access TV show Grow Up and her work with the Basalt Food Park.

Kate Miller

 - Kate has been enamored with the magic of the natural world since she was a child. While working towards her degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado in Boulder, she began practicing and learning about sustainable farming, biodynamic agriculture, and herbal medicine.  She earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010, and began working at different organic and sustainable farms around the west.  Kate has also worked as an edible and medicinal landscape designer and went on to complete her certification as a Permaculture Design Teacher in 2013.  

She has utilized botanical medicines to achieve better health in her own struggles with chronic illness, including Lyme disease, Mold Illness/CIRS, Adrenal fatigue, and more. Kate became a Certified Community Herbalist in 2014 from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder. She is committed to intentional and regenerative agriculture and gardening techniques, aligned with both Permaculture & Biodynamic principles.  Kate also owns Alpine Botanicals in Nederland Colorado, a community apothecary based in bioregional herbal medicine offering herbal products and bulk herbs, antiques, and more.  Alpine Botanicals is excited to offer Dynamics Roots as a house brand, as well as producing certain Dynamic Roots products in the Alpine Botanicals herbal production facility.  Learn more at www.alpinebotanicals.com and visit their Facebook page here.