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Herbal CSA Members

dynamic roots herbsThank you for joining Dynamic Roots as a CSH member!  We are so grateful for your support in bioregional herbalism.  We want to wish you a happy, healthy year and give you some important information regarding your membership!   We want you to know that as members, you are very important to us and we value your feedback.  Please always feel free to email us with your questions and comments.  
With love and  gratitude and wishing you vibrant health!  ~Dawne, Stephanie & Kate                              CSH Pick Up and Ship Dates
Fall Box - October 1
Winter Box - December 1
Spring Box - March 1
Summer Box - July 1  

ALL Member Emails/Add On Orders:  All members will receive an email 2-4 weeks prior to pick up/ship dates. This will allow adequate time for you to contact us if you are looking to add other products onto your seasonal order.  Please give us at least a week notice so we can accommodate you as best we can!  

Local CSH Members: Seasonal herbal healing boxes will be available for pick up at Sustainable Settings in office after 3pm on pick up date.  Your last name will be printed on box.  Please pick up within 3 days.  If you cannot pick up in that time, please email us and we will try to help as best we can.  

Distance CSH Members:  Seasonal herbal healing boxes will be shipped via FedEx on dates listed above.  Please give us at least 1 week notice if you're looking to add other products so we can plan shipping appropriately.  We will email you confirmation/tracking information once order is shipped.  

Email Questions to info@dynamicroots.com / or call 732.284.8477