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Nourishing Tea: High Nutrition Herbs for Health & Resilience

Nourishing Tea: High Nutrition Herbs for Health & Resilience

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We often refer to this as our "vitamin tea", because of the broad spectrum nutrient profile offered by each of the herbs in the formula.  Together they offer a synergistic and delicious blend safe for the whole family.  
This is a fantastic choice for newer tea drinkers, children, and the elderly, as it offers a mild yet hearty flavor and packs a really nutritious punch.  Many folks find this to be the perfect tea to drink post-workout, or while recovering from illness, injury, or surgery.  It offers many of the basic building blocks for our body to create healthier blood cells, stronger bones, a calmer and more centered nervous system, and a balanced endocrine system.  
Ritualistic tea drinking can offer an even more "nourishing" experience, and this is a great tea to drink everyday, prepared with a short prayer or moment of intention.  This tea can also be prepared as an overnight infusion for maximum extraction of the herbal constituents.  Delicious prepared iced or hot.  
Oat Straw is one of our favorite herbs for the nervous system, offering an assortment of vitamins and minerals crucial for proper nerve function, such as calcium and all the B vitamins.  It's great for helping with heart function (including moderating cholesterol) and is a fantastic herb for fertility.  
Red Clover is often referred to as a woman's herb but is well known for its broad benefits for both men and women.  High in antioxidants and bioflavonoids, Red Clover blossoms have been well researched to have anti-cancer properties and are rich in many macro and micro nutrients.  
Nettle is rich in magnesium, silica, and iron and provides the hearty note to this delicious blend.  Great for building strong bones, nails, as well as silky hair and skin.  
Spearmint soothes the digestion system and provides a warming quality to this tea, helping to surge the body with all the nutrition it needs, all while supporting the cardiovascular system and processes of detoxification.  
Violet is sweet, with its heart shaped leaves and tiny fairy flowers.  It is soothing and emollient, helping to bring moisture and fluidity to our mucous membranes, a function that is deeply protective and cleansing for the immune and digestive systems.  Also renowned for its anti-cancer properties, Violet leaf is known for its high antioxidant content and ability to soothe the mind and heart.  
Oat Straw*^ (Avena sativa), Red Clover Blossoms*^(Trifolium pratense), Nettle leaf*^ (Urtica dioica), Spearmint leaf (Menta spicata), Violet aerial parts*^(Viola spp.)
(Certified organic* / +Ethically wildcrafted/^Biodynamically grown )