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Sore Muscle Oil

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Deep Healing Massage Oil


Skin Types: All

1 fl oz - 30 ml

Arnica – Comfrey – St. Johns Wort
Rocky mountain botanicals infused into organic hemp and olive oil for the relief of occasional muscle and joint pain*. 

Ingredients: Hemp oil* (Cannabis sativa), Olive oil* (Olea europaea), Arnica flowers+ (Arnica spp.), St. Johns wort Flowers^+ (Hypericum spp.), Comfrey leaves^ (Symphytum officinale), Lavandula angustifolia* (Lavender) essential oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E oil, Rosemarinus officinalis* (Rosemary) oleoresin extract (Certified organic* /+Ethically Wildcrafted / ^Biodynamically grown)